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You're Always Enough And More Than I Hoped For


Emily Ley (Author), Romina Galotta (Illustrator)


Emily Ley, bestselling author and mama of three, knows how perfectionism and anxiety can take a toll on anyone, especially children. Emily's first picture book, You're Always Enough: And More Than I Hoped For, is a special parent-child book that builds self-confidence in children by filling them with love, offering grace, and inviting them to find their own way to become who they're meant to be.

From a very early age, we learn to struggle with mistakes, fear messing up, and worry about not being good enough. But Emily Ley's life-giving message of grace, not perfection gives kids the freedom to be themselves without any expectations--because they're already fully loved and treasured just the way they are. Pairing heartwarming rhymes with a timeless art style, this picture book:

  • Is for ages 4 to 8
  • Has a beautiful cover, perfect for displaying in home decor
  • Is a great gift for baby showers, Easter, or for any child who needs a boost in self-esteem

This book features vibrant illustrations of a diverse cast of characters and will enhearten children who are always trying so hard, are afraid of making mistakes, or need reassurance that they are enough exactly as they are. Hold your child close as you share this sweet message and show them just how proud of the fun, amazing, and so very special person that they are.