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Spring Floral Cardinal Twister


Spin your way into spring with this Spring Floral Cardinal Twister. Add a lovely detail to your outdoor space with cardinals and lush spring flowers that come to life with each passing breeze. Our wind twisters collection combines the concept and functionality of our windsocks and wind twirlers. Watch as this unique spiral design twists and rotates in a way that will catch the eye of every passerby. Crafted from a poly material similar to our balloon spinners, the design is safe for outdoor use and is long-lasting. Boning built into the twister maintains the spiral shape and keeps the body continually moving. Each twister utilizes the same hanger as our wind spinners with a metal swivel to prevent tangling.

  • Delicate wind twister in a unique spiral shape.
  • Crafted from poly material.
  • Outdoor safe and weather-resistant.
  • Easily display with metal hanger.
  • Collapses for easy shipping and storage.
  • Measures 15"W x 29.5"H x 15"D