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Poo~Pourri | Before-You-Go Toilet Spray Go On-The-Go Kit


Keep every bathroom merry and bright with these travel size Poo~Pourri holiday scents! Perfectly pocket-sized, these minis will flip funky odor into a refreshing aroma with warm Spritzmas Spice, sophisticated Vanilloo Bourbon, and festive Oh, Spritzmas Tree, leaving the loo smelling just as cozy as the holiday season. No matter where they may roam, we promise this stocking stuffer will make the go feel a little more magical for everyone!

Spritzmas Spice is a traditional blend cinnamon, clove and ginger, paired with tart fruits like green apple, cranberry and lemon, and rounded out with vanilla and fir. Oh, Spritzmas Tree is a woodsy mix of cypress, balsam, cedarwood and juniper, warmed up by vanilla, amber and cinnamon, and freshened with eucalyptus and peppermint. Vanilloo Bourbon is smoky combination of oak, patchouli, smooth vanilla, eucaluptus, and bourbon.

Poo~Pourri eliminated bathroom - GUARANTEED. Clinical lab tests prove that our original bestseller Poo~Pourri is 99% effective at eliminating fecal odor.* Take that, shitrus.

*Tested in a controlled lab with trained sensory assessors using Poo~Pourri Original Citrus against everyday bathroom odor.