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Bodacious Beach Bum Activity Pack


Life's a beach, so enjoy the waves!

Have fun in the sun with these 18 colorful beach toys. Shovel some sand into the handy dump truck, moisten it with the water can, then mold it into all sorts of peachy beach shapes!

Why You'll Love It: We've packed the Bodacious Beach Bum Activity Pack with all sorts of sensory experiences meant to engage creativity and motor-skills all at once! Kids get to feel the sand change from dry to wet, observe the changes in texture and shape, all while manipulating colorful, dexterity-developing tools. It's simple, classic fun with tons of lasting benefits.

When playtime's over, simply pack up the toys in the handy carry case, give them a quick rinse, and watch all that pesky sand fall right out the quick-drying, mildew-resistant mesh. Sorry sand, but you're staying at the beach!