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50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know


In an ever-changing world, good manners never go out of style. These essential skills and tips will help you in several aspects as you grow into manhood.

He knows how to shake hands. He knows how to be a good sport. He knows how to give a genuine compliment and how to speak his mind without being offensive. His friends listen to what he has to say, and he returns the favor. He knows how to achieve the perfect knot in a necktie and, more important, he knows when he should be wearing a tie in the first place.

In 50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know, you will learn about:

  • learn how to gain trust and earn respect,
  • understand how to do things the right way and why it’s important, and
  • realize immediate payoffs for good behavior.

50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know is a young man’s guide to becoming the type of guy that people respect and enjoy. This updated guide to traditional standards of behavior proves that manners never go out of style--they’re a crucial skillset that a young man needs to excel in whatever he chooses to do. 

Becoming a gentleman doesn’t happen in an instant; it’s a lifelong exercise in refining etiquette, social interaction, and personal discipline. It all begins here.